Rebecca Taylor

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Rebecca Taylor

Spiritual Care Giving

Chiropractic Principle No 1 – The Major Premise

“A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence”

Twenty years of working with patients and observing them healing from the inside out, combined with many interesting conversations as they did so led Rebecca to want to understand more about her own philosophy and beliefs.  In 2021 she undertook a Diploma with the Spiritual Companions Trust through the Crossfields Institute, working in a cohort of healthcare professionals including medical doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists to explore how spiritual practice interacts with health.

This has equipped her to offer a safe space for conversations around difficult topics, listening from a place of benevolent connection and guiding people through gentle meditative and contemplative practice to help support their healing process.

Rebecca Taylor is on the Spiritual Companions Register and abides by their Code of  Conduct.

Being better, better being
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