Rebecca Taylor

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Rebecca Taylor

Coaching & Mentoring

Over the years Rebecca has worked with numerous chiropractors and other therapists as they started their professional lives in healthcare and has very much enjoyed watching them become successful practitioners.

She is happy to offer this service to anyone who might be considering a career in chiropractic but is not sure, is currently working as a chiropractor but not finding the success or fulfilment they are looking for or is experiencing bumps in the road in their working life as a healthcare professional.

During her career Rebecca has built up and sold three succesful practices and so has an wealth of experience to share. She is also skilled at creating clinic spaces and environments which make patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their care.

Equally, Rebecca has many years’ experience in helping patients identify their health goals, collaboratively put in place the strategies to achieve them and gently hold them accountable until they do. 

Her caring, patient and humorous working style are available to help you create your plan and work your way through it to your success, in person or online.

Being better, better being
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