Rebecca Taylor

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Rebecca Taylor

Nutrition and Lifestyle

From the beginning of her career Rebecca Taylor Buchanan has always worked alongside other healthcare professionals and over the years has done significant additional training in the area of diet, digestive health and supplementation.  It is a major premise that we are made out of what we put into our bodies and when our nutritional needs are fully met our body has more capacity to heal itself.

A desire to learn in more depth about diet and supplements in order to better support her patients in their choices and enable their bodies to get maximum benefit from their chiropractic care led Rebecca to further study with the Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition.  She has expanded her knowledge of both nutrition and therapeutic supplementation and is passionate about sharing the benefits of a holistic approach to health.. 

A nutrition and supplementation consultation is a separate appointment to a McTimoney Chiropractic consultation requiring further general health, lifestyle and diet discussions and can be booked as an online session.   Advice given is separate and distinct from my work and registration as a Chiropractor

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